Happy May Day!

I always *mean* to get up early and go to listen to the choir sing from the tower at Magdalen college in Oxford ...but it never quite happens!   This year I forgot! :)

There are always some 
daft people who jump from the bridge into the river Cherwell on May morning ...either mad (or been up all night drinking!) ...silly because the Cherwell is quite shallow with some nasty objects hidden below the surface so it's pretty dangerous.

Happy May Day everyone!  Weather is cloudy but fairly warm here....and I feel in the air the promise of good weather later in the day .

Been trying to get Twitter to talk to LJ....
But it won't work!   Giving up now and going to bed!  It's soooo frustrating!

We are the Champions! I LOVE McCarthy!!!!
I am ecstatic - one of the proudest moments I can remember after decades of supporting the Wolves!   A team I have supported and watched regularly since I was 14 years old!      And Ebanks-Blake did it - our top goal scorer returned to this game after being out for 3 games and in classic Boys Own style he and  with the help of one of my other favourites Andy Keogh managed to get the ball into the net and clinch  promotion for us!

We have won promotion to the Premiership!  Any football fan will know how much this means to us.   The carnival atmosphere at the ground before and during hte game surely helped inspire the players!  And it's Hi Ho Wolverhampton.....

Next season we will play Manchester United!  :)   My sons have already told me they will get me a ticket for the Wolves v Man U game (they are members of Man U)  - then added they will be easy to get cos no one will want to see the game!!!!!  hah!  (I do of course keep on reminding them that the last time we played Man U at Molineux 6 years ago we won 1-0! )

Any way I digress.....I was at a BookCrossing meetup yesterday afternoon (with Wolves scarf and my Wolves mascot for luck!)  when the game was played, checking my mobile for news - signal was bad though and it was taking ages to load, so plan B was put into action and my son Simon sent in regular texts to let me know any goals of the Wolves game and those of other crucial games like Birmingham anc Cardiff (had a good laugh at Cardiff's expense - they lost 6-0!!!!!)

Wolves are 6 points clear with 2 games to go so although Birmingham could win t
he championship - IF they win both games AND score more than 10 goals in those games - I feel in my heart of hearts that we have done something which was just a dream a season ago!  

I love McCarthy (
    sirroy will remember I said otherwise a few years back!)  what a fabulous young team he has built up - I had wondered what would happen to the club when Jack Hayward sold out 18 months or so ago - but I have to say the new chairman has lived up to his word!  Yay the Wolves!</span>

Today could be the day - and Ebanks-Blake is back!
IF we win this game we are promoted, regardless of what other teams do - and wouldn't it be fabulous to gain this status at the home game at Molineux today!  Our top striker Ebanks-Blake  is back after being out of the last 3 games with an injury- mind you we havn't done too badly (except the first  game where we lost to Brum) and scored 3 goals in each of the last two games - and it's allowed Andy Keogh to get stuck in and start scoring goals !  news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/wolverhampton_wanderers/8002802.stm

Going to be very jittery and nervous at the BookCrossing Cherry Tree meetup today (my heart of course will be in Molineux)

Will we live the dream I wonder?
Wolves top of Championship League with 4 points clear  and 4 games to go....but it's tight at the top!  I was delighted by their performance on Friday where we scored in the first minute and were 2 goals up by 8 mins!   Final score was 3-0.  OK  I know it was Southampton who are set to be relegated,  but it's often against teams like that where we have been known to slip up!

Lets see what today brings with our game against Derby.  Reading have I think lost the plot and are now lying 5th after Sheff United have romped into 3rd place, Birmingham's draw yesterday makes them 2nd with Cardiff now in 4th ...and not many points in between!  (I don't mind admitting that Sheff Utd are scaring me bigtime and have for a while) cardiff and Reading have a game in had each...but hey they have to win those!  Big pressure,

I remember a season like this 6 or 7 years ago where Wolves were top for almost all of the season, then dropping to 2nd place and losing the plot at the end of the season,  dropping to 3rd place after West Brom took us over to gain automatic promotion with Man City.  Wolves failing miserably in the play offs.   We gained promotion (briefly) the following season where we won the playoffs (that was one of my proudest moments of recent years being a Wolves fan)

it's not easy being a Wolves fan since we've been here before....but this time surely we can make the dream  happen?!

BookCrossing presentation at Jesus College, Oxford....
An update on the talk I gave at the Readers' Voice Convention last Saturday (my last post on here!)  I felt it went extremely well - and had lots of good positive feedback from readers in the audence too! :)

I'm told they loved my enthusiasm for the subject!  lol

Well 70 out of the 90 books I took along went - I released  the other  20 around the college and on the way to the bus in the city centre.  So far have had about  6 journal entries but I'm hoping for more!   I have been told by a friend of someone who was there that they aim to read the book before journalling it...so there's hope!   And they did all get a BC bookmark in their goody bags as well as the books!

Readers' Voice Convention, Jesus College, Oxford -- I've been asked to speak about BookCrossing!
I'm really excited -  I've been invited to speak about BookCrossing at the Readers' Voice Convention at Jesus College Oxford on April 4th which is part of the Oxford Literary Festival!

This is the story.....

I bumped into a colleague in the staff room at the library HQ where I work who asked me if BookCrossing was taking part in the Literary Festival and in particular the Readers' Voice Convention.  I explained that we don't generally get thought about for that kind of event - and the only way BookCrossing  get involved in any of the literary events in Oxfodshire is by networking and a little push and shove ;)   (Have had a BC table at one this year and setting up an OBCZ at the Burford Festival in July)  This lovely colleague told me she thought we ought to be there so she would email the organiser of the Readers' Voice Convention and suggest it.

Yesterday I got an email inviting me along to speak about BookCrossing and be part of their forum panel for Q&A at the end of the day - and asked me to give a presentation.  I am soooo excited!

She wants stuff for the Convention packs too - and posters (does anyone have one they have made already?  I only have the OBCZ one).   I have suggested I give her a book for each pack but she hasn't responded to that  yet.  We can't  set up a BC table because Blackwell's are one of the sponsors and I can understand they might not like it.

Bowling, chinese...and even the U's managed a win!
Went bowling after work with around 20 colleagues then most of us went to the Chinese next door for a meal.   Although I like Chinese food I'm not a fan of the buffet style where you can eat all you want..........however but it turned out to be an exceptionally good 'eat all you want for 12.50'  and not everything was coated in thick sweet sauces!  I can certainly recommend it if anyone is visiting the Kassam stadium - it's right opposite!

It mad a nice change to be chatting to everyone about stuff other than work -  I managed to release a few books too :)

Oxford United managed a win too to round the evening off (they were playing away - we checked this before we arranged our evening out!!)  and could even make the play-offs.  How nice would that be for both my teams to be promoted in the same season !  Stuff dreams are made of

Yes, Yes YES!!!! Now that's more like it! :)
Only one goal but it's still three points!  It's a shame Birmingham didn't lose and gained a point for a draw but you can't win em all!  However, Reading have yet to play (but even so they won't catch us up just yet! :)

Only 6 games left to play.....

An explosion of colour !
Isn't it amazing how much better it makes you feel to see a little sunshine  - and it's been wonderful here these last few days.  Driving to work through the Oxfordshire countryside the hedgerows are suddenly magnificent - full of snowy white blossom, pink blossom and the warmth of the sunshine bringing out daffodils and yellow forsythia.  Magnificent.   The scent last night of the blossom was quite heady as I took Fudge for a walk around the fields.


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